Viva Magazine is an independent online/print-on-demand publication featuring articles on the Latino lifestyle experienced in Australia and the Spanish-speaking world.

The mission is to bring to the Australian community the best, most empowering, engaging and culturally relevant content across various media platforms, including publishing, digital, live events and consumer products and services.

Today, Viva Magazine remains utterly focused on celebrating Latin Culture. It is privileged to be at the heart of such an exciting community that is shaping the Australian Latin Scene.

Viva Magazine is the leading online destination for Latino people and Australians alike with interest in the rich Latino American culture on the web, providing interactive forums, practical and exciting tools, unique content and a vibrant community.

VIVA's contents reflect the Latino roots of the magazine. Articles featuring Australian Latin entertainment & lifestyle, Latin fashion trends, and Latin music, particularly nightlife, fashion, and travel, are prominent in every edition, as are items on art, film, cuisine, health & beauty tips rounding off each edition into an exciting, informative and interesting creation.

All articles & contributions are welcome and must be sent attention to the Editor.

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