Seven Reasons To Salsa Dance

If you are a salsa lover, you'll know. And it's not about the sauce.
It's about the music and the dance that's invading the world.

So much has already been said and written about it: its fiery rhythms, its happy up-beat mood, its sensual dance moves etc. And yes, all of it is very appealing to a lot of people. But after spending some time among salseros, a thoughtful observer would notice certain facts deserving a closer look by a sociological and psychological researcher. What slice of the population does it attract and why?
First of all, there is no ethnic division in the salsa crowd: it attracts people of all races and colours. Here is one theory: the bottom line in their love of salsa for most people is their emotional state of mind. What does that mean? Relatively few salseros and salseras enjoy the dance purely for its technical challenge. (Even though some of them become so obsessed with technicalities and become so self-important they forget IT IS JUST A DANCE)
Both men and women love the sensuality of the dance and their ultimate reason is the emotional need for closeness. This dance must have been created by men. Many outsiders would perceive some salsa moves to be quite daring. 
The control is in the man's hands, however. Literally. He is the leader even if his partner is an accomplished dancer. Ladies have to adapt to different styles and that first dance may not always be perfect. Some guys forget this and assume that a new partner cannot dance. Not only that, if they don't know you or see you dancing up a storm with somebody else, they wouldn't even give you a chance. On the other hand, there are some advantages to being a follower. You get to experience different moves and different styles while the leader can only use his own. 
There are a lot of reasons to start learning Salsa. Here are just a few reasons why you should start learning the Salsa Dance;

1.The Salsa dance is a great work out. It is a great substitute for working out in a gym. Dancing the salsa is great exercise and fun. Dancing is a great cardio work out and the salsa dance exercises both the legs and torso. Salsa dancing also increases flexibility and increases the secretion of endorphins as you dance.

2.Learning to dance the salsa helps in increasing your confidence and boosts your self esteem. The salsa is a complex and vibrant dance. Learning this dance helps with knowing how to move your body and knowing how to move around the dance floor. This helps with your self esteem and increases your confidence when around people and around people of the opposite sex.

3.The Salsa dance also improves your timing and your reflexes. Because of the coordination and dexterity required for the footwork and dancing, your reflexes and overall timing are improved when learning to dance the Salsa.

4.The Salsa dance is a combination of many other dances. It mixes so many dances yet is open to improvisation. Learning the Salsa also sets up the foundation to learn many other dances such as the Rumba, the Pechanga and the Mambo. These dances share the same principles and basics as the Salsa and most of them also use the same music and rhythm.

5.Learning to dance the Salsa also helps with your relationships with the other sex. Along with improving your self esteem and confidence, learning to dance also teaches you on how to get physically involved with the opposite sex. You notice the subtle differences between men and women and how to move your body with and against your dance partner. There is also that dance myth, that a good dancer is also a good lover.
6.The Salsa dance helps with your social life. Dancing is a social activity and cannot be done alone. You get to meet other people when you go out dancing. You get to interact and socialize with other dances and share a common factor with salsa dancing.
7.And lastly, the greatest and most important reason to start learning the salsa dance is because it is just plain and simple, so much fun. Salsa is an energetic and vibrant dance and you cannot help but have fun with other people when you dance the salsa.

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