Viva Magazine is an independent publication launched in September 2000. 

In our tenth year of publication and after a great number of printed editions, Viva Magazine has turns “Green” and became a full digital monthly online magazine featuring articles on the Latino lifestyle as experienced in Australia as well as throughout the Spanish-speaking world.


VIVA’s contents reflect the Latino roots of the magazine. Articles on entertainment, particularly nightlife, music, fashion, and travel are prominent in every edition, as are items on art, cuisine and beauty tips rounding off each edition into an exciting, informative and interesting creation. 


Viva Magazine is the leading online destination for Latino people and Australian alike with an interest in the rich Latino American culture, providing interactive forums, useful and interesting tools, unique content and a vibrant community.


As Australia’s only English language Latino magazine, VIVA represents a unique opportunity for advertisers intent on tapping into the market embodied by the magazine’s readership of trend setting students and young professionals.


VIVA’s unique position in the Australian market guarantees advertisers the attention of a dedicated readership of enthusiastic consumers with generally high disposable incomes. Indeed, the majority of VIVA’s readers are young professionals who have immersed themselves into a culture that is characterised by an emphasis on entertainment, fashion and music; a culture that encourages consumerism related to those interests. 


VIVA thus provides an invaluable platform for advertisers attempting to influence the growing number of Australians with an interest in Latino culture. A decision to advertise in VIVA is thus a selective, strategic and effective choice; one that will guarantee an extremely important group of consumers will be exposed to the advertised product.


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