Many things have happened around the world these past four months that have changed our perception of life and everything around us, but without a doubt, the current times of quarantine will be remembered by generations to come.
Here in Australia, on March 13, the day our Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared a state of national emergency, it was the start of a roller coaster of changes, emotions, confusions and widespread panic that have changed the lives of everyone in the country.
With incredible speed everything changed, the restaurants, cafes, clubs, events and gyms and much more had their last days. Events and festivals across the country were postponed or cancelled.
And as fast as the flip of a coin ... Welcome to the new altered reality of live music and dancing. Improvised almost overnight and delivered to our living rooms, where we have a direct line of sight as participating observers, the transmissions of live music and dance classes began in our quarantines.
But within the dance community fueled by daily practice, often in the shared space of a studio, club, or on stage, the need to stay connected was immediate.
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