Advertising in Viva Magazine
Don't miss the opportunity to be noticed in the latino world

A decision to advertise in VIVA is thus a selective, strategic and effective choice; one that will guarantee an 
extremely important group of consumers will be exposed to the advertised product

Viva Magazine – As the only Australian lifestyle magazine about the Latin world, Viva Magazine's unique position in the Australian market guarantees advertisers the attention of a dedicated readership of enthusiastic consumers with generally high disposable incomes. Indeed, the majority of VIVA's readers are young professionals who have immersed themselves into a culture that is characterised by an emphasis on entertainment, fashion, travel and music; a culture that encourages consumerism related to those interests.
Viva thus provides an invaluable platform for advertisers attempting to influence the growing number of Australians with an interest in the Latin culture.

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**All advertising for a value of $450 or over get a FREE listing in the eNewsletter (Listing MUST relate to events, festivals or parties)

ARTWORK – Advertisement Artwork should be supplied as PDF file. Artwork can also be supplied as a jpg and must be send to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Magazine trim size 200 x 280mm. Print Area 180 x 260mm. 
Bleed image, add 3mm to trim size on all sides (eg 206 x 286mm)

1.  All advertising payments must be made, within 72 hours of signing the contract.
2. Any change or corrections to exciting art work must be notified in writing at least 10 days before the beginning of the publication’s month.
3. Art work must be supplied by advertisers to our specifications (If you prefer, artwork can be designed by our Art Department at very competitive prices)
4. Advertisers warrant that copy does not infringe State/Federal law or right of another.

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